Best of 2003 - EMAIL

There must be a point to why I save this stuff... maybe this is it. Some email sent to me during the year, I save in a folder named neat and funny. I usually glance over some of this email again before deleting. I haven't deleted in a while, so I have a whole years worth saved. While looking again at some of these, I noticed I didn't reread any of them (yes, I like books with pictures the best, I guess I am a graphical person), sooooo - let that be a lesson to me from now on (do I get points for saying that Baby?). Anyway, this year I decided to pick out a couple favorites and share them with everybody at once... here they are:

Jesus in the sand


Space Shuttle Columbia. Way cool way to find out more details about what happened:

You are being watched. Silly, but could it happen?? lol:

Splish Splash:


Aoccdrnig to rscheearch (1 KB)

Too much baby powder (1,003 KB)

Lifeguard in the pool (1,119 KB)

Shopping in Missouri (1,359 KB)

Funny Cats (2,781 KB)

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