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I was thinking about decorating the inside of the bus with a tropical decor
(after all, I think this bus will be in lieu of my Hawaii trip).
Art showed his approval by making the first purchase...
Tiki corn stabbers!


This is the material I picked out to base our color scheme for the inside.
I'm going to add a little burgundy so it ties in
with the outside of the bus too.

Ok, plan B (there seems to be a lot of plan B's in this project!) These will be interior colors now:

What's left for us to do?

Our new design idea:

This is what we were originally thinking
for outside design.

This is the floorplan that we
have come up with so far.

This is a 3D version
of the floorplan above.

Front cap window design:

Back mural:

Eagle motor running
movie clip
movie clip


Name possibilities:
The Grounded Eagle
Money Bucket
The Black Pearl

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