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We're very happy about the progress you've made Larry!
Hang in there, and keep it up!

A few of us hung out at our neighbors house on New Years Eve. Vincent and Sasha haven't lived here a long time, but they fit right in. The firepit in the driveway kept us warm while we celebrated the start of another year. Shortly after midnight, when we were all saying our good-nights, Larry fell backwards, and really walloped the back of his noggin. We stood him up, dusted him off, and Jill took him home to bed - checking on him and waking him enough to make sure he could answer questions every so often. The next day (Jan 1st) he was a bit dizzy, and maybe said or did a couple little things that wasn't like him. The following day (Jan 2nd) he went to work... but he had a headache and was vomiting, so he went home a little bit early.

When Jill got home, she noticed he was saying and doing things that wasn't like Larry. It might have been normal for other people, but it just wasn't things Larry would do. With that, added to the headache and vomiting, she decided to take him into the hospital.

By the time they got to the hospital, Larry was more confused and disoriented. They did a CT scan, and determined he does have a brain bleed, and admitted him. It took most of the night getting him admitted, and settled into the ICU. During this time he bounced between being calm and quiet, and being confused and aggitated. They said this is normal for brain injury.

The Neurosurgeon saw him this morning (Jan 3rd) . He says Larry has multiple cerebral contusions - of both his frontal lobes, and his right temporal lobe. He also has a Sub-arachnoid hemorage (This is bleeding into the space between the brain and the tissue that covers the brain [meninges]). Larry's sodium level is way too low. The neurosurgeon didn't recommend surgery, but could not guarantee full recovery. It's wait and see for now.

Larry, Jill, and their family can use all the prayer power they can get right now.

Jan 4
Jill stopped by here last night when she got home ... she said they told her that Larry is in a little bit of a coma. I think that is a drug induced coma to keep him calm. The nurse told Jill that when she took Larry's hand and told him to squeeze her hand, he did. (Yay, good sign!) Jill also said the fracture is straight down the middle of his forehead, in a vertical line above his nose. Is it possible to hit the back of your head so hard it fractures the front of your skull? They are going to wait a couple of days take another CT and see what's going on. That might be a couple of days from the first one, which was Tuesday night.... so maybe that will be today.

They gave Larry a feeding tube today. The doctor says there has been no change since yesterday.
Still waiting. Still praying.

Jan 5
Jill talked to another doctor this morning. She said the things he said overall made her feel better. The doctor said it is ok to talk to Larry, but not to have conversations with others while in his room. They really want him to remain calm so his brain has a chance to heal. They still plan to do another CT scan in the next couple days, and should know more by next week. They are planning to do an Endoscopy today - as there is old blood coming up his feeding tube.

They did the endoscopy today and didn't find any bleeding in his stomach. Good news! He also looks better and opened his eyes at Jill.

Larry opened his eyes and talked to everyone!!!!!

Tom and Sue just got back from visiting with Larry, and said he recognized Tom when he went in to see him, and scooched himself up in the bed. All very good signs! They said that they are backing him off all meds!

Jan 6
Jill said Larry talked to them again this morning, and remembered things from the day before. He is being sedated today to keep him quiet and rested. He is looking good, and they are taking good care of him. When Jill talked to the doctor, he said everything that Larry is doing is all good.

Jan 7
Larry and family very much appreciates all support at this time. The care, concern and prayers have been wonderful. The hospital has requested that only family visit Larry now while he is in the Intensive Care Unit.

The Neurologist saw Larry today. When he asked him to raise his left leg, right leg, etc, Larry was able to follow commands. The doctor said he thought Larry might be able to sit up in a chair soon. Larry knows he is in Riverside Community Hospital.

Jill just called and said Larry has been doing more talking this evening. When she asked him if he knew where he was, he said "hell" ... (hahaha, sounds pretty coherent to me!). When Erin & Ryanne went in to see their dad, he said "there's a sight for sore eyes". Overall, Larry is doing very good. They did have to sedate him again though, as they cannot get him to sit still and stop trying to get out of bed.

Jan 8
They got Larry up today. He stood up on his own, took a couple steps, and sat in a chair. He was also able to take a couple bites of food. (Yay, you ROCK Larry!) He is still very confused, and can only think of very basic things, that relate to this moment. The nurse said this is normal for head injuries.

Jan 9
Larry is now out of ICU, and in another room. The family has requested no visitors for Larry yet, as he is still very confused, and not yet himself.

Jan 10
Larry is improving everyday. There is a marked difference between yesterday and today. There has been talk of moving Larry to a rehab facility tomorrow.

Jan 11
Well, Larry didn't get transferred yet. Maybe tomorrow. They may still need to balance his electrolytes, sodium, ammonium, etc, that has been so out of balance. Larry was more confused today - they said this is normal for head injury.

Jan 12
Larry was moved to rehab facility in San Bernardino for the brain injury tonight. I might not be able to give another update here until they are able to assess him.

Jan 15
It was a little bit of a slow start getting Larry oriented in the new facility. Yesterday was a pretty good day for Larry. I'm still waiting to hear how things were for him today. I don't believe there has been any kind of estimate for how long Larry will be in rehab. He is in highly recommended facilty. They said he would be receiving 3 to 6 hours a day of therapy. The facility has asked us to limit the number of visitors at this time. Jill is printing the guest book entries so Larry receives your get well wishes. Thank you!

Jan 16
This morning Jill said Larry is getting better everyday, though he still has headaches, and is a little dizzy sometimes. He's made a big improvement in the past 2 days. Yesterday he had a very full day of physical, speech and occupational therapy. He spends his free time trying to think of ways to attempt an escape! LOL

Jan 18
Jill said Larry was pretty much back to his old self all day today. "Break out" day is set for Saturday! Woooo-hooo! ... we're looking forward to seeing you at home again Larry!

Jan 20
Larry's home now!

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