My Vision For This Site ...

Years after the collision, I attended support group meetings, hoping to offer help to someone who might be going through what I went through. I felt out of place, as I was the only survivor of a drunk driving collision in the room. I could listen as the others talked of their grief, but I could not participate in the discussion. I could not talk of myself, or my injuries, feeling humbled that at least I was alive. I am sure, every person there would rather have an injured family member, compared to what they were dealing with.

Some of the larger Against Drunk Driving groups tend to concentrate on victims who were killed by drunk drivers, and with good reasons. When a person is killed, it is more devastating to more people.

This site is not intended to be a "against drunk driving" site, but rather, a "pro living after this trauma" site.

It is important for injured victims to have a forum of our own, where we can talk about our feelings, concerns, emotions and what has happened to us.

Contact With Others

I remember, while I was healing, both physically and emotionally, one of the things I realized, was nobody really knew what I was going through. Yes, I had family and friends around me at all times, but I still felt lonely. Nobody I knew had ever been through the everything I was enduring.

I would like to utilize the Internet to allow contact with others who are going through simular situations, through email, listservs, newsgroups, and chat.


I often wondered about my options. What is next? Most of my doctors were wonderful at explaining why, when and how. However, sometimes I left the office and thought of questions on my way home.

The Internet is rich in resources. I would like to provide links to as many of the best sites there are available.

Your Input

I've found some links and have idea's, but would really like to hear from anybody and everybody who has (at anytime in their lives) or is healing. I would like to hear what happened to you, and what you would like to find on the internet to help you. If you know of any sites that have been helpful, I would like to know about them.

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